Here is some of the things I have made in the past.

Cook With Me

Cook With Me app

An app developed by my friend and I (, designed to encourage children to cook. Read more here.

Little Things

Little Things Website

A website for a school project I was involved in along with 5 others. Part of the Young Enterprise group, we came runners up. Learn more here.

Alfie's Lost Dogs

Alfies Lost Dogs Website

A website made for a client, aiding the search of people's lost dogs. View it here.


EJDeveloper Website

A web project my friend and I set up, offering freelance work for websites, web designs or web apps. We can also offer applications, depending on the project required. Pricing varies, and would require a project summary before in order to decide a price. More info here.


GTSDetailing Website

A website made for a client, aimed at selling cars to people. View it here.


SE4D Website

A website made for a client. View it here, or view the original here.

Vine Church

The Vine Church Website

A website designed for a client, but coded by Josh Balfour. View it here.

Robins Cleaning

Robins Cleaning

A website designed and developed for my Uncle's cleaning service. View it here.